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Discipline has been the bane of my very artistic existence, hence the gap of a lifetime between my first and second post. While I tight rope between my priorities and my passion, I am back with my second blog post. This is intimately connected with the first post in the series “I Do”.

Love and Smiles: A Pre-Wedding Shoot in Goa.

Goa’s picturesque romantic sandy shores, palm-fringed vistas make for the picture perfect pre-wedding shoot. With a varied landscape that stretches from the tallest mountain chains to the lush paddy fields, to the sun-kissed beaches of Goa, the tiny beauty offers vibrant photographic backgrounds to capture love on a lens.

Why do you need a pre-wedding shoot?

Pre-wedding shoots encapsulate those special memories of love, the thrill of finding each other and the excitement of a lifetime of happiness yet to come. At Shammi Sayed Photography, storytelling through the lens is a fine art. Wide open frames with scintillating waters, mystical sunsets, love stories captured over rocky climbs, tiny city by lanes, or misty mountain backdrops. Inspired by the Mother Nature each frame in the pre-wedding shoot speaks the couple’s journey of love.

What do you need to know about a pre-wedding shoot?

Here are simple, easy ways to meticulously plan your big moment months in advance. But first…

A little stressed?

Planning a pre wedding shoot isn’t just all pretty smiles and blissful captures of romance. And to ensure you have smiling, everlasting memories of love on your pre-wedding shoot Shammi Sayyed promises to ensure a hassle, stress free shoot. Just smile and look into each other’s eye. You’ll know everything will be fine when you face the camera.

Theme Wise.If the wedding preparations are giving you the jitters, and the rattling nerves getting in the way of facing a camera, a pre wedding shoot is perfect to shed the worries. As important as the wedding shoot is, the pre-wedding shoot has gained importance in the package these days. Let it be a fun exercise by choosing a relevant theme. Opt for traditional or go crazy with it. Zero down on a theme that will bring out the best in both. With the internet at your disposal, there are plenty of ideas available nowadays. A pre-wedding shoot in Goa throws open countless opportunities for themes from Hawaiian, Goan, party options.

Picture Perfect Lens. Selecting the right wedding photographer is as vital as the theme. Opt for one that suits your choice, budget, and style. Contact a few before you decide. Go through their portfolios to get an idea of their work and discuss your idea with them. If you don’t have a theme ready, then find a wedding photographer whose style you admire. Is he/ she a minimalist, traditional in approach, outdoor, what are their inspirations, etc. In Goa, Candid & Contemporary Fine art Wedding Photographer - Shammi Sayyed Photography has earned a reputation for his signature style. His work speaks through the personas of his subjects against invigorating backdrops.

Ideal Location. With the first two steps taken care of, the location can be decided on mutual agreement. Ideate for options and the photographer will give you plenty of options based on your theme. This is simple and easy.

Dress Right. Pre-wedding shoots are about clicking the photos for your wall. So you might want to be careful about the outfits and makeup artist you choose. Whether it is formal or informal, what you wear will remain for years to come. Women, a note about the makeup-a natural flawless look will look best.

Here’s to a perfect pre-wedding shoot!

So that was it, I hope you enjoyed this visual treat. For more pictures, you can drop by at my website and catch a glimpse. I promise to be back soon with yet another aspect in the series – “I do”. Feel free to drop in your comments and valuable feedback.

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